What is 3-P's? Watch our 2-minute promotional video to get a glimpse.

The youth are our most valuable gift. They hold the dreams and aspirations yet realized. They embody hope for the future. They are the future leaders in our communities, in our churches, and more.

However, InfokaraResearch concluded, "Most adolescents suffer from depression symptoms such as persistent sadness, falling academic performance and lack of interest in previously enjoyable tasks." 3-P's is a program designed to counter these barriers.

3-P's leverages multimedia, proven industry tools, and personal interactions to help students soar. Real life examples are shared. For example, a student went from being a high school dropout to holder of three (3) college degrees; from poverty to holder of executive positions in industry; from an unskilled laborer to founder and executive director of a non-profit company.

3-P's comes in several formats, namely 2-hour workshops, full curriculum spanning multiple weeks, and private coaching sessions with the student and parents. Students will learn their own 3-P's and discover how to apply this learning for greater performance and fulfillment. All three "P's" are necessary. Missing any one of the components leads to frustration, disillusionment, and living life below one's potential.

Watch our 2-minute promotional video to get a glimpse. Download the 3-P's booklet for more information. Contact us to to start your 3-P's journey - click here.

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