Welcome to Truth Teaching Ministries!

Truth Teaching Ministries is a non-profit incorporation with a vision and mission that ministers to the youth who are our future leaders in the community, plus the pastors, and respective supporters.


VISION - A community engaging the youth, pastors, and their respective supporters to build stronger communities and congregations. We envision everyone living out the concept of "iron sharpening iron" thereby tapping synergies, sharing wisdom, and leveraging practices for excellence and fulfillment. We forsee effective supporters that come along side the youth and pastors for greater effectiveness.

MISSION - To facilitate community transformations engaging:

  1. Youth in preparing to fill the vacancies as the next generation of leaders for the community and church
  2. Pastors in sharing their collective experiences and wisdom in a way that truly refreshes, renews, and sometimes redirects pastors for greater impact in ministry
  3. Supporters in locking arms with the youth and pastors to create the needed transformations
Our Team