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While Truth Teaching Ministries will continue to assist pastors and their supporters, we are focusing our efforts on the Youth in 2022. They appear to be the most vulnerable in today’s shifting climate of global unrest, Covid impacts, education continuity, and more. God has melted our hearts and sensitized us to the needs and challenges of our Youth.

We have written articles, developed workshops, engaged education professionals, and coached both individuals and families with one thing in mind, that is to lift students and help them soar. Fragile confidence, confusing directions, loss interest and waning zeal are but a few of their symptoms. We believe that at the core is the student’s self-esteem or the lack thereof. Research proves that motivated, inspired, confident students perform better and rise higher. That is why TTM seeks to be the wind beneath their wings, by instilling confidence and building self-esteem.

How can you help? As parents, you must find ways to constantly encourage the Youth and offer them new experiences to explore. As educators and supporters, you must help the Youth discover their passion, pathways to fulfillment, and ultimate purpose in life. As a Youth, you must expand your awareness and curiosity about the world to discover what resonates with you. Together, we can reinforce all things that produce good results and weed out those things that bog down or even turn back the forward progress.

Know this Parents, Educators, and Youth, you are not alone. We have an incredibly gifted staff that is on fire to help create positive outcomes. Our donors and sponsors are committed to the cause. If God is for us, who can be against us?

So, brace yourself , YOUTH. It is your turn to be blessed. Our intensity and clear aim will help you climb now and the rest of your life. We hope you are not afraid of heights. Whether you are or not, we invite you to enjoy a safe climb to higher strata. We are with you and the journey begins afresh each day. Higher and higher, and higher, and higher.

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