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Life can become tough when we least expect it. An onslaught of challenges can be overwhelming. Moses was a fugitive, but returned to the area of his crime having been given a mission by God. Elijah cowered in a cave, but exited to hear the next assignment given by God. Might the adversity you face be the dawning of God's next assignment for you? If so, no wonder why QUITTING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Here are the words inspired for you...

No Quit In Me...

    • No weapon formed against me shall prosper
    • It may appear I am losing the battle of the day, but the war is not over yet
    • The adversity is yet to meet my best self
    • The adversary is yet to face my God
    • My victory is already secured through the blood drenched cross from Calvary
    • Truly I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me

We pray the posted picture and downloadable PDF document encourage you when most needed. God bless you as He leads you to your next horizon and secured victory. Press on my beloved.