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There are incredible pastors who truly bless the congregation and communities they serve. Then there are some who do more harm than good. Truth Teaching Ministries (TTM) believes most pastors are not evil, self-serving, and self-appointed. We believe God still provides pastors of God's own heart to feed the people with knowledge and understanding.

These pastors must be great orators, flawless on all levels, biblical scholars, with the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon, the preaching prowess of Apollos, the anointing of Moses, the humility of Jesus, and more. Are these realistic expectations? We at TTM, believe not.

PASTORS! Who are they? Perhaps they are:

  • Chosen but fallible (wretched man undone)
  • Fallible but forgiven (of all unrighteousness)
  • Forgiven but warned (to be holy)
  • Warned but embraced (thus chastised in love)
  • Embraced but charged (no free passes - get to work)

Can we be honest for a moment? Most people want to be appreciated. Most want to be treated fairly. Most want to be corrected gently. And yes, most people want to be respected for their labor. Guess what? Pastors are people too. They bleed, get frustrated, and sometimes fail just like the rest of us. That's the price of being born human. 

If a pastor falls, we who are spiritual are commanded to restore them. Not abandon, not humiliate, and not attack. If siblings fought might the parents be displeased? Of course. Might God feel the same way when His imperfect children discard each other through a false sense of self-righteousness? Of course.

Knowing that we are all in the same boat, should row together towards heaven? Of course. TTM believes there is a call for all hands on deck. Every oar is necessary. When we realize pastors are people too, we permit ourselves to be more forgiving and more supportive. No, I did not say wink at sin or destructive behaviors. Everyone should help everyone be accountable. However, no person is expendable. We need each other. Besides, how can we practice the principles of love if the other person doesn't have something that seems unlovable?

If you have ill-will towards a pastor, be bold and proactive. Be a peacemaker for Christ. Reason together and prevent the devil from driving a wedge to divide and conquer. After all, we are all people in need of a Savior. Every one of us. PEACE...