Many pastors are experiencing challenges related to burnout, relational fallout, spiritual drift, or some other challenge that negatively impacts their ability to lead God's congregation. If this is your concern too, know that you are not alone. The truth is many pastors at some point experience one or more of these challenges. Truth Teaching Ministries (TTM) is called to help pastors work through these challenges. TTM offers confidential coaching, consultation, and a 5-workshop series called, The Pastor's Challenge covering the following:

  1. Connectivity and Affirmations - related to God, family, church, and community
  2. Church Growth - responsibilities, approaches, measurements
  3. Church Dynamics - things that impact church vitality
  4. Overcoming Resistance - standoffs, unresolved conflicts, and more
  5. Failures, Tradeoffs, and Balance - forgiveness, rededication, and stability

TTM recognizes that no two pastors are alike. The same is true for churches. Our approach is to have an initial session with interested pastors to agree on a uniquely tailored series of sessions to reach the desired aim. The first session is free and explores the need(s) and how TTM can best help.

If you would like to speak with someone or request a free consultation, click here.