You desire to hold up the arms of the PASTOR as Aaron and Hur did for Moses in Exodus 17. In doing so, you know the battle will go well for the people as long as the pastor's arms remain raised. OR, your desire is to support the YOUTH via your innate desire to encourage, challenge, protect, guide, console, and/or counsel the young people. You see the potential and are determined to help them achieve their very best.

Whether you wish to support PASTORS or the YOUTH, your selfless acts of love are performed without the need for fanfare or recognition. God sees what you do in secret and rewards you openly.

Truth Teaching Ministries (TTM) is here to hold up the arms of people like you too. Our aim is to partner with those who support PASTORS and the YOUTH. Our articles, media, resources, and coaching services will help you to help them. Feel free to use the CONTACT or DONATE links in the upper-righthand corner so we may continually meet the needs of our clients. Start  your TTM partnership journey now.