We are a Christian Non-profit
We help regardless of a person's religious affiliation

We are govern by a set of beliefs, namely...

  1. God is sovereign
  2. God is triune (Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit)
  3. The Bible is God's authoritative Word and is without error
  4. Salvation is through Jesus Christ alone
  5. Children are a gift from God requiring the greatest of care
  6. Pastors must feed the people with knowledge and understanding

We accept no one is perfect but God. We are committed to bring the best that God grants and offer it to all that need. We have a heart for the youth and pastors. We understand their challenges. Thus, we coach, support, challenge, console, consult, and more.

Life Is Not Easy!
The challenges are many

YOUTH - The youth find themselves in a sea of influences and a boatload of decisions to make. Knowing which direction to row is at the helm of the decision process. How to avoid the storms, low tide, and other dangers is difficult to discover. God provides help via anointed people that have a heart for the youth.

PASTORS - Pastoring is one of the most demanding jobs on earth. Oftentimes it cost much energy and has a high potential for personal loss. The pressures on a pastor can be high and oftentimes impacts the entire family. Yet God uses pastors to feed His people with knowledge and understanding.

TO THE YOUTH AND PASTORS, TTM is here for you. We minister to people around the world and share their collective wisdom and experiences to help our clients excel. We partner with youth leaders, friends of pastors and leaders of pastors in this endeavor. It is our honor to serve. Put us to work for you.