Pastors, Truth Teaching Ministries (TTM) has walked in your shoes. We know the peaks and valleys of leading a congregation. We know the way you lead affects member relations, retention, church dynamics, and community relations. We help pastors identify and target areas that can help for more effective leadership.  

How have you responded to criticism, critique, and backlash? Have you experienced moments when God's voice and will were not crystal clear, yet you must lead? TTM knows and understands.

If it was easy, God would have called someone else to do the work. However, God called you to fulfill what you cannot. To lead where you cannot reach. To grasp what you cannot attain. Why? Because absent of God we can do nothing worthwhile on our own. But through Christ, we can do all things.

Congregants and communities need you are your best. TTM is committed to helping you operate there. We are the pastor's friend.