SUPPORTING PASTORS - Perhaps you are a volunteer in your church or a seasoned pastor seeking to help other pastors. In any event, you want to help pastors help their congregations. It may not be clear how to get started. Or you have attempted to help, but encountered resistance. You are not alone. We at Truth Teaching Ministries (TTM) have experienced the same. Through hard knocks and the wisdom of other pastors, TTM has developed approaches that produce results.

TTM can help with conflict resolution, empowerment, and more. We have been in your shoes as an armorbearer to pastors, as an assistant to pastors, as a colleague to pastors, and as a leader of pastor networks. No wonder why our founder is referred to as a pastor of pastors.

SUPPORTING THE YOUTH - Family members, educators, and other interested parties can help by reading the related articles, attending scheduled events, request an event or coaching session of your own, and more. You may also donate to this effort to defray the cost of supporting our Youth.

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